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Affiliate program

You can have a big advantage out of the affiliate program because an affiliate gets the opportunity to get into cheaper profit split classes without depositing more capital or waiting till the already deposited capital will reach the next profit split level.
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The affiliate program works as follows:

Capital supplied by affiliate client + balance on own trading account = total capital where the profit split will be based on.


A client has a capital of €5.000, - on his/her own trading account. This client introduces a X number of new clients to Capital GLO with an invested capital worth €25.000, -. Now the client who supplied the €25.000, - has the possibility to count the €25.000, - to his/her own trading account value which now has a worth of €30.000, -. On this value the percentage of the profit split will be based so the client is in profit split level 2 now and keeps 55% and only pays 45% of the monthly profits with only €5.000, - invested of own capital.
The 5 account balance levels with additional monthly profit split:
1. €5.000, - till €25.000, - Monthly profit split = 50% client, 50% Capital GLO
2. €25.000, - till €50.000, - Monthly profit split = 55% client, 45% Capital GLO
3. €50.000, - till €75.000, - Monthly profit split = 60% client, 40% Capital GLO
4. €75.000, - till €100.000, - Monthly profit split = 65% client, 35% Capital GLO
5. €100.000, - + Monthly profit split = 70% client, 30% Capital GLO
NOTE: The new clients an affiliate introduces become clients of Capital GLO and cannot be seen as clients of the affiliate. The capital an affiliate supplies does not belong to the affiliate, but to the rightful owner and is stationed on the personal account of the rightful owner.
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