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What is Capital GLO?

Capital GLO is a cutting-edge investment fund that specializes in dynamic investment management. Our unique investment approach within the global currency market is designed to provide you with the highest possible returns, while minimizing risk through advanced risk management techniques. Our team of experts and working partners are dedicated to leveraging their skills and expertise to manage your investments with the latest technologies and in-house developed trading strategies. At Capital GLO, we prioritize personalized service, diversified portfolios, and consistent trading performance, so you can rest assured that your investments are in good hands.
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How do we work?

Professional investment strategies

Use professional institutional investment strategies without acquired experience. All offered strategies are based on high quality models and are proven based on years of reliable data.

Ambitious team and carefully chosen partners

In order to create the best results possible for you, we constantly work on improving the existing investment strategies as on creating new ones to diversify the client’s portfolio.

No cure, no pay

Capital GLO works with a high-water mark which means you never pay a profit split in case your invested capital didn’t grow. You only pay a profit split when your invested capital grows in comparison to earlier highs.

Professional investment strategies

With Capital GLO, you can take advantage of institutional-grade investment strategies without needing any prior experience. We handle all the work on your behalf! Our strategies are based on top-tier models and have been extensively tested using reliable data spanning several years. We continually refine our investment strategies and develop new ones to maximize returns for your risk appetite, ensuring that your investment portfolio is well diversified. With our commitment to constant improvement, you can trust Capital GLO to deliver the best possible results.

Control your personal investment account

As a client, you have complete control over your invested capital around the clock through the iQuoto Global client portal. This comprehensive platform provides you with access to all statistical information related to the progress and returns on your account. Our commitment to transparency and accessibility ensures that you are always informed and in control of your investments.


Capital GLO's investment strategies are executed in the global currency market, which is a highly accessible market for investing and operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. As the most liquid market in the world, the FX market allows for seamless transactions with minimal disruption. Capital GLO leverages this market's impressive liquidity and our network of liquidity providers to offer investment transactions with low fees and commissions, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most cost-effective investment solutions available.

No cure, no pay

Capital GLO operates with a high-water mark, which refers to the highest value an account has ever achieved. This approach ensures that our managers are not rewarded for poor performance. If a manager loses money over a period, they must work to bring the fund's value back above the high-water mark before they receive a profit split or performance bonus from the assets under management. This approach helps us maintain high standards of performance and accountability for our clients.

Secure investing with carefully chosen partners

Our official working partner, iQuoto Global, is a professional international FX and CFD's broker where you can easily open your personal investment account. Your investment capital is securely stored at iQuoto Globals wide connection of international regulated banks, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your funds and transactions are always safe and accessible. As a trusted and reliable partner, iQuoto Global enables us to deliver the best investment solutions to our clients. We value our partnership with iQuoto Global and are confident in their ability to deliver exceptional services to our clients.


Our investment fund is designed to cater to both small and large investors, with a minimum starting capital requirement of €25,000. This accessibility ensures that our investment solutions are available to a broad range of clients, regardless of their investment capacity. We believe that everyone deserves access to reliable and effective investment solutions, and our approach reflects this commitment to inclusivity.

Global currency market

Participating In The Biggest Market Worldwide

Investing in foreign exchange (FX) is becoming an increasingly popular form of investment, as it provides diversification and stability within an investment portfolio. The Capital GLO fund is a prime example of an investment that offers risk diversification. Typically, investors will be allocated to different markets, such as real estate, equities, bonds, gold and FX. By diversifying assets across different markets, the portfolio's overall risk is minimized, and investors can achieve growth even when a particular market is experiencing a weak period.

One of the most significant advantages of investing in FX is its high liquidity. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market globally, with a daily volume of more than US$6 trillion. This high level of liquidity ensures efficient execution of positions within our strategies, regardless of size. As a result, Capital GLO can take and close positions in both the short and long-term without any difficulties.

Advancements in information and technology have revolutionized the way investors can access and analyze financial markets. In the case of the currency market, programmers can now model movements quickly and efficiently, allowing investors like Capital GLO to analyze recurring patterns up to several years ago. This analysis forms the basis for generating short to long-term forecasts using unique algorithms and statistical models. Well-considered positions in value fluctuations on currency pairs  form the basis of our strategies and generate the returns in our portfolio.

Overall, investing in FX provides investors with stability and security in their investment portfolios through diversification. High liquidity in the FX market ensures efficient execution of positions, while advancements in technology allow for accurate and efficient forecasting. The Capital GLO fund is a perfect example of how investing in FX can be a profitable and exciting investment opportunity.

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