Risk Management Approach

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Registration with iQuoto global

In order to make use of Capital Glo’s investment strategies you need to open a personal investment account at iQuoto Global. This is a professional online broker which allows us to trade FX and CFD’s through their platform.

Short/middle market exposure

Capital GLO provides investment strategies which got a short/middle market exposure. This means your invested capital will have a minimal risk exposure to unforeseen market behaviour.

Low % of capital risked

A maximum of 1% of your total invested capital will be risked per trade.

Eye in sight

In all of our investment strategies a stop loss and take profit function is implemented. With this functionality we always know which risk to reward every trade has.

Secure account access

You are in control of your personal account 24/7. The only thing Capital GLO can do on your account is opening investment positions. Capital GLO nor partners have access to withdraw or deposit options.