Service pricing

Service pricing

*Performance fee: 30% / 50%
Management fee: 0,16% monthly
Entry costs: 1%
Exit costs: 0%
High water mark: Yes

*Capital GLO does not charge a monthly fixed fee for its services, but a quarterly performance fee over the generated profits. The performance fee is based on our performance and the clients account balance.

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The 4 account balance levels with additional quarterly performance fee.
1. €25.000 - €50.000:   50% fee. Client receives 50% or profits.
2. €50.000 - €75.000:   45% fee. Client receives 55% or profits.
3. €75.000 - €100.000: 40% fee. Client receives 60% or profits.
4. €100.000 +             : 30% fee. Client receives 70% or profits.


Level 3: 40/60

The client start investing with a capital of €80.000. Now his/her account balance is €80.000 and starts at level 3 with a 40% fee.
The €80.000 gets invested by way of our investment strategies.
In the first 3 months 10% profit is made. €80.000 X 0,1= €8.000 profit.
The client receives 60% of the profits = €4.800. Capital GLO receives 40% of the profits = €3.200.
When a net profit of €20.000 is made the account balance will be €80.000+€20.000= €100.000. This means the client has reached fee level 4 and will receive 70% of the profits instead of 60% as long as the balance will be €100.000 or higher.
Note: results of services in the past are in no way predictive for the results in the future

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You can have a big advantage out of the affiliate program, because an affiliate gets the opportunity to get into cheaper profit split classes without depositing more capital or waiting till the already deposited capital will reach the next profit split level.
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