Registration Process

1. Start by filling in the application form below.
2. After we have contacted you, you can open your personal iQuoto Global investment account. Please use the instructions you received in your mail. (check your spam folder)
Registration guide

step 1

Create your account: Enter your name, email address, password and country of origin. Then click ‘next’.
TIP: Click the images for details

step 2

Verify your email.

step 3

Enter your contact details: Provide iQuoto with your telephone number so they can reach you by telephone if necessary.

step 4

Enter your date of birth.

step 5

Enter your address: iQuoto works entirely within the compliance standards of the FCA, in which address verification is mandatory.

step 6

Enter your nationality: Select your nationality and select yes or no to the United States tax declaration question.

step 7

Employment situation: Provide Iquoto with more information about your employment situation.

step 8

Financial information: iQuoto asks, utilizing the FCA regulations, for more information about your current financial situation.

step 9

Trading experience: Answer the questions so Iquoto can understand your trading experience and get insight into your understanding on the field of risk.

step 10

Enter your base currency: Here you select in which currency you want to open your investment account.

step 11

Select trading platform: At Capital GLO we work with the Metatrader 4 platform, select it. 
It can always be adjusted later if necessary.

step 12

Select your account type: Select the option ‘ECN Account’. At leverage you select 1:500
It can always be adjusted later if necessary.

step 13

Accept the risk disclosure: Select the checkbox if you agree with the risk statement.

step 14

Sign general statement: Select the checkbox if you agree with the full declaration.

step 15

Select the country that issued your document and upload one of the three identity verification documents. 

ATTENTION: Per person an additional upload can be requested.

step 16

Upload address verification: Upload 1 of the 3 possible address verification documents.

ATTENTION: The documents must not be older than 90 days. Additional verification can be requested here.

step 17

Verification complete! The first part of the onboarding has now been completed. Your account application is now being reviewed by the iQuoto international compliance team. When your account is accepted, you will automatically receive a confirmation by email. 

ATTENTION: The onboarding can take a few days.

Verification complete

How to fund your account?

After approval of your account, you can easily fund your account with 2 simple steps.
Follow the last 2 steps

step 2

Select your payment method: Choose from one of the many payment methods to fund your account. Choose 1 of the ‘instant’ payment methods to get direct access to the funds in your account.


Thanks for working with Capital GLO!

After the deposited funds arrive on your trading account, you will receive an email from our service team explaining the next steps.